• Ann Pegoraro

    Intrigued by all things digital and social

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    Topics I research and speak about

    Sport & Social Media

    How social media has impacted sports business

    I have been researching and immersed in sport and social media for over 7 years. This social world keeps evolving and I enjoy engaging with the sport industry to share my knowledge and learn from their experiences.

    Digital Media

    The world we all live in

    Many people equate digital media with social media, but I have been involved with research digital media since 2000 and have had a front seat ride through this revolution. Digital media has fundamentally transformed how we communicate. 

    Social Networks

    Exploring the networks we create

    By employing social network analysis tools such as Netlytic (pictured above), NodeXL and Polinode, I am interested in discovering the nature of the networks that individuals form both online and off.


    Fan and Consumer Behaviour & Analytics 

    Investigating how individuals engage in the social world provides great insight into how to craft communication and marketing strategies. By bringing quantitative measures together with qualitative dives into the data, we can get a clearer picture of behaviour. 


    Institute for Sport Marketing

    Laurentian University


    The Institute for Sport Marketing (ISM) is a research center at Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, specializing in sport marketing and management research. Since its launch in 2001, the ISM has collaborated with sport organizations, agencies, cities, charities, corporations, and municipalities on applied research projects to help clients reach their goals.


    School of Human Kinetics

    Associate Professor




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